Statement from Grieg NL

Grieg NL would like to advise that despite the ruling on July 20, 2017, we feel confident that the formalities and documentations reviewed by all involved Federal and Provincial agencies did a very competent job and in accordance with all rules and regulations.

In addition, Grieg NL has been advised by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency that based on their review of the project and Minister of Environment and Climate Changes’ decision an environmental assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012 has not been designated for the Placentia Bay Aquaculture Project. Therefore, it was decided by the Federal Minister/Office that an environmental assessment was not required.

Despite an environmental assessment not being required for the Placentia Bay Aquaculture Project, Grieg NL has devoted time and resources to fulfill all the requirements outlined in the Environmental Assessment Act including but not limited to the following:

  • A benthic survey of all four BMAs (Bay Management Areas) has been undertaken to assess the fish habitat as well as species present and substrate type at each location that is planned for use. An external environmental assessment company is using a combination of multibeam acoustic/seascape data and drop camera video analysis to identify habitat prior to operations. The assessments will continue on a routine schedule as outlined by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) once the marine production at the sites commence.
  • An external environmental consulting company was contracted to conduct hydrographic surveys at the four BMAs. Hydrographic surveys including temperature, salinity, oxygen, current, fluorescence and depth profiles to meet the requirements as outlined in the Environmental Assessment Act.
  • A full review of all potential SARA (Species at Risk Assessment) was completed. Several species including birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles were identified, but no significant impact from this project has been found. Standard operating practises of net inspection will observe for and detail any species accidently trapped in the sea cages. If any species at risk should be accidently entangled, they would immediately be released and an incident report would be sent to DFO and the Department of Fisheries, Forestry, and Agrifoods (DFFA).
  • Three conditions were requested after the Environmental Assessment report submitted by Grieg NL was reviewed by both levels of government. These conditions were met by Grieg NL and should be noted this was above and beyond the requirements. These conditions were approved and including;
    • A Women’s Employment Plan for the Women’s Policy Office.
    • A Workforce and Timeline for the Department of Advanced Education Skills and Labour.
    • A Health Canada List of Substances, agents or chemicals to be used.
  • Grieg NL has researched and are planning to use state-of-the-art marine equipment that will meet (and where feasible, exceed them) the Code of Containment as outlined by DFFA, DFO and the Provincial Salmonid Industry. This equipment includes the use of:
    • The Midgard System (cages, nets, and mooring) from Aqualine, a leading state-of-the-art sea cage and equipment provider.
    • The use of modern service and well boats for transportation of fish with minimum risk of cross contamination and increased safety for the crew and the environment.
    • The use of a centralized system for the collection of mortalities from cages to minimize biological risk and bacteria growth.
  • Grieg NL has conducted numerous public consultation sessions in and around Placentia Bay to identify any potential resource conflicts both during installations and operations, and we are grateful for the substantial support that we received for our project.

Grieg NL is committed to both sustainability and protecting the marine environment in which we work and live. Grieg NL has been dedicated to ensuring all requests from both the Federal and Provincial level are completed to the standards outlined in the Environmental Assessment Act. We are committed to continue to work hard every day to realize this exciting project and opportunity and to create opportunities for the communities in Placentia Bay.

In addition, please refer to our Press Release dated 2017-07-23 which can be found on our Facebook and Twitter sites.