Grieg NL Employment Session Information

Grieg NL, a newly formed company with plans to build a land based salmon recirculating hatchery, sea based cage grow out as well as other avenues involved in the salmon aquaculture industry has decided to … Read More

Aqua Maof deal for Grieg Salmon Facility

AGM Norway, a subsidiary of the Israeli aquaculture tech provider  Aqua Maof Group, inked a deal with Grieg Newfoundland  to build the  “world’s largest indoor salmon aquaculture facility ” in Newfoundland, Canada, Yoav Dagan, Vice … Read More

Grieg Confident in Escape Proof Cages

Grieg officials are certain there will be no escapes of farmed salmon into the local marine ecosystem with the use of state of the art escape-proof cages. The company is proposing to develop a major … Read More