What is Atlantic salmon fishing?

Grow Out

The Atlantic salmon are transferred to the sea cage sites by well boat and allowed to grow over the next several months in a carefully monitored environment into adult Atlantic salmon with a harvest weight of about 5kg. During this time the Atlantic salmon are fed a dry nutrient dense pellet which is monitored by computers and advanced camera systems to ensure that there is no wastage of food.

Harvesting and Processing

When the Atlantic salmon are ready for harvest they are moved into a well boat using humane and environmentally secure practises. During transport, stress levels are minimized and oxygen levels closely monitored. At the processing plant the fresh Atlantic salmon are cleaned and prepared for market.

Aqualine Midguard System

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An escape proof cage developed with a winch system that can easily and safely raise and lower the net for harvesting and cleaning without causing stress on the fish, the system or the employees.